Mr. Veggy Cafe

  • Area : 100-600 SqFt
  • Investment : Rs. 2,00,000 - Rs. 5,00,000
  • Category : Cafeteria

Mr. Veggy Cafe is a true Mexican and American Fast food Cafe which is base in Nagpur. Their recipe is based on the traditional Mexican fast food which is famous in all over the world. The theme which Mr. Veggy make is neither the fast food joint nor the restaurant but it is the combination of both. This is the reason why they call themselves as the Fast Food Casual Restaurant. They prepare the widest range and fresh which is very much carefully crafted by the signature recipes which makes them stand apart from others.

About Us

What is Mr. Veggy?

Mr. Veggy got started in the year 2004 having the desire to provide practical and natural alternatives to the people who are seeking to reduce the consumption of meat foods. They want to create a new vegetarian universe with drumstick, Hamburger into Hamburger, which is very easy and quick to eat as well. This reason is why Mr. Veggy sought always to see the nature of things. They always make frozen tasty and practical vegetarians. As they knew that you eat well is all about being happy.


Area Required :- 100 Sq. Ft. - 600 Sq. Ft. 

Total investment :-  Rs. 3 Lac - Rs. 15 Lac


Why you should take the franchise of Mr. Veggy Cafe?

It is the businesses which focuses with heart on a very distinct cuisine and also appeal overall towards the freshness of offerings of the young, vibrant team with full enthusiasm which every individual have the strong business sense and the science behind it for the development of the model that recognize the business format and also have the strong and wide appeal of the consumer. Person having the passion for food business, satisfying a person who has thirst for the knowledge and willingness and having fun can be person who can own the franchise and grow with the business.

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