K Sera Sera

  • Area : 3500 & Ab
  • Investment : Rs. 50,00,000 - Rs. 1 Cr.
  • Category : Entertainment

What’s their Vision?

KSS want to curb the piracy by using an advanced encryption methods and the techniques. They want to help their stakeholders of the feature film industry to realize more of the revenues from the box office and the non – box office collections. They also want to offer the quality of education with the underprivileged, by using classrooms which is created within the cinemas across the country, which can help the Indian to get close to achieve 100%  levels of literacy.

What’s their Mission?

KSS want to become the market leader in the E – Cinema and the D – Cinema business of India. With the help of rolling out new – age technology for the existing analogue screens, as well as for constructing 1000 of the new screens catering it in Tier II and Tier III cities with KSS Miniplex Ltd. and they also want to convert the cinemas into country – wide classrooms and also provide quality education in the non – movie hours in the theatres with K Kampus Education Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

KSS Ltd is known as K Sera Sera Ltd. was established in the year 1995 in September and now having the headquarters in Mumbai and is also publicly the listed company which is currently listed on NSE, the BSE and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Being the major player in the Indian cinema, KSS has produced and also distributed more than 100 films and has also produced more than dozen movies which include some of the box – office blockbusters. KSS is been lead by the team of technocrats and professionals having the collective experience which forms the hearts of the organisation.

As KSS is known commonly which focuses on the entertainment film business having the 3 business entities which focuses on the digital cinema rollout, alternative content programming in cinema theatres and lastly the building of miniplex cinema screens, respectively.


Area Required :- 3500 Sq. Ft. or Above 

Total Investment :- Rs. 70 Lacs - Rs. 75 Lacs


KSS is specializing with the strategic business units:

  • KSS Digital Cinema

This is the strategic business which vertically forms with the core activity of the group, which acclaimed KSS SkyCinex Digital Cinema Server.

  • KSS Miniplex

KSS Miniplex ahs designed, conceptualized and also built the countries first miniplex.

  • K Kampus Education

KSS has launched the innovative concept of K Kampus by changing the perception that true learning can take place only with the formal classroom setting.

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