Green Chillyz

  • Area : 200 - 1500
  • Investment : Rs. 20,00,000 - Rs. 30,00,000
  • Category : Food and Beverage

Green Chillyz is the brand which is holding its command over its serving style. They pride them on giving back locally, treating their guests more like the family than customers and keeping all this by focusing the neighbours. Their famous products are the Biryani’s and Tandoori Specials. They produce all this very fresh and deliver this every day to their customers. They use their own recipes to create their delicious food from the scratch.

Green Chillyz for more than 16 years has perfect art of efficiency in the kitchen. That is why they are driving through the windows which are such a popular option for many of their customers. They still prepare this very quickly for you so that you enjoy in their comfortable dining rooms. The vision for offering something unique is to serve quick fast food, serve fresh food, and made to order that leads to their founders to start concept of franchisee.

About Us

Green Chillyz came into existence in the year 1999 and started serving the delicious food to their customers. Their foundation of everything is their fresh menu, service standards and variety that they provide. They are remaining with the commitment of their vision today also. The people who are behind this restaurant are those whose soul is always trying to do different things differently with this handful experience in the multiple businesses that too without having any experience in the food industry. But they have definitely got an idea about how the food must have the taste and felt that there is something which is missing it can be the taste or the quality for that which we pay the money.


Area Required :- 200 Sq. Ft. - 1500 Sq. Ft. 

Total investment :-  Rs. 15 Lacs - Rs. 35 Lacs

  • Our art at dishes is portrayed in a sophisticated setting with formal elegance and buoyant atmosphere where the architecture has been set with stylish decor from India. 
  •  Above and beyond the support of the franchisor is the advice and support provided by fellow franchisees. In joining a franchise network, a new business owner becomes a member of an exclusive group of peers who all operate similar businesses, face similar challenges, and can share and benefit from each other’s solutions. 
  • This type of support has many advantages that would otherwise not be available to a non franchised business. 
  • If you are passionate to have a right strategy with your investment, then this is probably the best Franchise option you have

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