Moti Mahal

  • Area : 300 - 4000
  • Investment : Rs. 20,00,000 - Rs. 30,00,000
  • Category : Food and Beverage

The Moti Mahal Tandoori Trail’s mission is to set up outlets with the least amount of capital expenditure and provide extensive menus and multiple revenue sources while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and quality that customers will buy.

In next five years we project ourselves to be in every city in India and major cities in the world.With our growth rate we project ourselves to be more than 200 restaurants worldwide. 

To be seen as one of the major food players, may it be as fine dining, bar, fast food concepts in the malls, processed food and branded secret spice formulations available in every grocery store or hyper mart. 

To have a chef training institute in almost every city focusing to bring out the best talent and culinary artist in our country. 

The goal of the Company is to develop a very wide franchising system for Indian fine dining restaurant to have its presence in entire world.

About Us

Our goal is to partner with aspiring business minded people Franchise option with us will give you lot more benefits that will allow you to earn more with your investment in a very little time. 

Our values have laid the foundation of our collaborative success with our franchisee and we are proud of the exemplary bond of trust that we share with them. 

We ensure our customers are our strength and make them feel at home when they are with us. 

An outlet that can be enjoyed with friends or all by you and your family. You can eat in, take it to go, or have it catered right to you. 

The feeling is friendly and the food is fabulous. Whenever you need it, wherever you need it, it is your own unique world to eat out.


Area Required :- 300 Sq. Ft. - 4000 Sq. Ft.

Total Investment :- Rs. 10 Lacs - Rs. 40 Lacs

  • If you are passionate to have a right strategy with your investment, then this is probably the best option you have. 
  • As an Investor, you will have the unique Franchise opportunity while achieving your financial goals at the same time. 
  • We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey. Grab the fantastic business opportunity.

The brand is well equipped with :-

  1. Hygiene and the state-of-art technologies and the best ingredients, Successful business model. 
  2. Years of experience, Based on Low investment & High returns, Marketing Support, Ongoing operational support. 
  3. Effective advertising, promotion and publicity support, Good returns on investment. 
  • Our management has given highest priority to our franchisees and has recognized their efforts and contribution various ways.

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