Rolla Costa

  • Area : 80-500 SqFt
  • Investment : Rs. 5,00,000 - Rs. 10,00,000
  • Category : Food and Beverage

Rollacosta is fast food concept with the simple aim of providing consumers with great tasting Rolla’s, Shawarma’s, Sandwiches, Boosters, Quickies, Beverages, and Pasta’s. 

It was started in the year 2012 by Manav Shital & Niti Agrawal with a concept to providing people the range of tasty Shawarma & Quickies.

Our products are blended in our spices which ensures uniformity in the flavours in making of most authentic recipies.

If you are passionate to have a right strategy with your investment, then this is probably the best option you have. 

Over the years, Rollacosta has established itself as a brand that is recognized in most of the cities, thanks to its social presence. 

About Us

As the fast food that is on offer here is healthy and comes at an affordable price, it makes it immensely popular amongst youngsters. 

The menu offers Shawarmas, Rollas, Quickies, and Boosters which are all developed with the assistance of a nutritionist. 

We are committed when it comes to serving quality food at an unbeatable price. 

Our range of food is made by staff who is well experienced and has the complete knowledge of the food we serve. 

As an Investor, you will have the unique Franchise opportunity while achieving your financial goals at the same time. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.


Area Required :- 80 Sq. Ft. - 500 Sq. Ft.

Total Investment :- Rs. 5 Lacs - Rs. 10 Lacs 

  • You get a taste that is authentic and as we are completely focused on gaining new markets, we ensure that the taste is maintained throughout.
  • The most important aspect of Indian cuisine is trained chefs.
  • This is one aspect of business, which if ignored, can result in a downfall of a restaurant.
  • Rollacosta has big pool of trained chefs and it runs training and development exercise for its chefs on regular intervals to ensure the quality of the products is retained in all its outlets.
  • This has devised a well, accepted system of training programs for.

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