Chaat Lounge

  • Area : 100 - 2500
  • Investment : Rs. 10,00,000 - Rs. 20,00,000
  • Category : Food and Beverage

Franchise Benefits

Powerful Brand Association

"When you operate as a CHAAT LOUNGE franchisee, you enjoy all the privileges and awareness that come with the careful development of our franchise brand."

Comprehensive Training

As a CHAAT LOUNGE franchisee, you will also be provided with a comprehensive training on a continued basis; initially there will be a training period before the opening of the franchise store, then again every two months at your site till the contract period. We will also make ourselves available to visit your outlet for franchise business reviews, market development and general business co-ordination.

Advertising and Marketing Programs

As a CHAAT LOUNGE franchisee, you will benefit from our strong franchise brand positioning and marketing expertise. Ongoing extensive advertising campaigns ensure that the CHAAT LOUNGE franchise brand achieves maximum awareness and drives maximum footfall.

About Us

Successful franchisors are needed by every franchisee. And being the fastest growing fast food, QSR chains, here is the best option for which you are looking for. Snacks of Chaat are doing a very nice business in every corner of India and are also giving the great opportunity to the entire world.

Having spent 4 years in the market makes them the perfectionist of each and every chaat which is available in India. And because of the taste Chaat Lounge is growing. They say at Chaat Lounge the spices they put into their dishes are made by their own spices and an herb which makes the taste enhance more. It is the safest business because no one knows about the secret ingredients of their famous recipes.

They say that they can make you the part of this business even you are fresher or the beginner in the food and beverages field.


Total Investment :- 12 Lacs - 40 Lacs

Area Required :- 100 Sq.Ft - 2500 Sq. Ft.


Why they are apart from others?

  • It has mixture of Delhi, Rajasthan and Mumbai Chaat items.
  • The interiors and the designs are unique.
  • It is 60% cheaper as compared to other brands, as starting a chaat lounge franchisee.
  • It is pure vegetarian.

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