Chicago Delights

  • Area : 300 - 1200
  • Investment : Rs. 10,00,000 - Rs. 20,00,000
  • Category : Food and Beverage

Chicago delights Training Details

We have currently detailed operating manuals for franchisee, franchisee is provided training at franchisee's outlet field assistance is also available for franchisee someone from Head Office will provide assistance to franchisee in  opening the franchise IT systems we presently have that will be included in the franchise

Chicago delights Other Details

We have a standard franchise agreement the franchise term is for 3 years the term is renewable


We depute our trainer at your location with the training module to train your staff. The training option will depend on location 

Operations Manual

Our manual contains all the information required to operate your business successfully as well as clear instructions on all the standard procedures to be employed in the franchise.

About Us

Be it for a glance, willingness or feeling, we are extremely delighted to see you at Chicago Delight. Like you and me, everyone out there, always have an inclination to tickle the taste buds with rare and uncommon appetizers out of regular. Chicago Delight, quick serving fast food joint have revamped into new style and serving to the locals and tourists with passion our famous Pizzas, Burgers, Wraps and more. Chicago Delight brings to you the taste and flavors developed by Master Chefs, through their experiences, blended with their unmatched perfection to ensure that each product rolling out of our outlet delivers a burst of taste, joy and celebration. A smart, simple space that they could call their own for a while… sit down, talk and listen to conversations, hold short meetings or even have a lot of good fun…all over steaming cups of coffee. Chicago Delight brings the distinct flavors for your palette much to a connoisseur’s delight The idea behind Chicago Delight is to create value for money, modern contemporary space for the masses and to provide fresh wholesome meals. Take a look at our menu and you will find a wide variety of simple yet scrumptious options that will get you hooked on their taste, quality, and presentation!


Total Investment :- 10 Lacs - 15 Lacs

 Area Required :- 300 Sq. Ft. - 1200 Sq. Ft.



1) Our idea appeals to all age groups, it does extremely well in and around colleges and universities, shopping malls and commercial complexes where families and groups can order slices standardized recipes and process developed for every outlet. Chicago delights regularly caters at events and parties, Clients includes colleges marriage parties and private parties etc. Scalable Business Model-Multiple sites can be quickly launched with a consistent quality of product, service and internal checks from the day one.

2) The ODC ( out door catering ) is very beneficial step for the franchise to earn more money. In the festival or marriage season we let our franchise to take more and more catering of their area. company will also provide all the equipment for the catering the best thing about this step is that no other franchise can take catering of your area.

3) We are working with the latest technology machines in the area of pizza restaurants which makes the work more speedy and more comfortable for the franchise.

4) The company have its tie-up with several renowned companies , they provide the raw materials to our franchise at a cheap rate as compare to the market rate.

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